The Basic School

During 1973 among Kročehlavy blocks of flats, a new atypical building which was said to be a new schoolhouse started to be developed. Hardly anybody believed in June 1973 that the school will start on the 1st September 1973. Even the new teaching staff took part in the final activities during the summer holidays.

So, on the 1st September 1973, the school welcomed first pupils and thus it became a next educational institution for Kladno citizens.

The school is built for 540 pupils, in 1973, 609 pupils of 1st to 7th classes started to attend the lessons.

As soon as you enter, the schoolhouse impresses by an unusual architectural structure. The main building is dominated by a huge hall with tropical plants. This part of the building is followed by other pavilions - pavilion with two gyms and leisure time pavilion.

The school which is designed for 18 classes has never been short of the pupils, so far, essentially whole generation of pupils has been educated here. In 1981, there was the highest number of pupils here – the number was 938 which even forced teaching in shifts. The fewest children attended the school in 1994, the number of pupils matched the number the building was projected for. Although the demographic curve regression has been discussed for some time already, nowadays, 655 pupils in 26 classes have been educating here.

During the time of its existence, the school has gained the reputation due to the activities we offer. The pupils can participate in the competitions and school olympics in which they often take the top places. The lessons are complemented by sport and cultural activities, the school offers a wide range of leisure time activities, it organizes outdoor school, ski courses, excursions.

Within the educational area, we take a special care of the pupils suffering from learning disabilities, in the cooperation with PPP Kladno. These pupils study in common classes and besides that, they work in several re-educational groups under the experts supervision. We closely cooperate with CDP Kladno where the pupils can attend meetings and seminars aimed at the communication, drugs abuse, healthy lifestyle and interpersonal relations.

Every year, the pupils along with their teachers prepare a cultural show for parents and public, they themselves take part in the schoolhouse decorating with their graphic works. A pupils` parliament works in the school as a mean of the communication between pupils and teachers, the pupils themselves come up with the ideas about their own leisure time activities.

The first class pupils welcome ceremony as well as the 9th class pupils decommissioning ceremony at the opportunity of the compulsory education completion have already become a tradition.

The school is an organism rich in activities worth writing much about. The school life is influenced by both internal and external impacts and it undergoes many changes. The real impact of all school influence cannot be recognized immediately, the education is a long term process which only brings partial success quickly but its main impact lies in the future of the pupils' life.