School Parliament

Basic information about the School Parliament

The school parliament is the pupils` body which meets once a month and which allows pupils to communicate with school management and in democratic way to solve problems and satisfy pupils‘ needs and interests. It motivates pupils to participate in school events and supports the ability of team work.

  • The parliament is led by deputy Mgr. Vladimíra Nováková
  • The school parliament consists of the deputies of all classes from 3rd to 9th ones
  • The pupils elect two pupils – members of the parliament - in each class. These pupils represent the class in school parliament’s meetings and they are obliged to inform the class back on the progress and results (objectives) of them. They are elected for one school year but they may also be replaced if there are reasons to do so and the pupil’s council of the class votes for such a suggestion.
  • During the meeting, a school parliament’s member can give any suggestion or question of his or her class that was approved in the class earlier.
  • The deputies of the classes have the voting right in the parliament
  • Designated pupil from the parliament writes a brief record of the meeting
  • Within the 1st meeting, the members of the parliament elect The Parliament Council – this body consists of 5 members (one representative per 6th, 7th, 8th classes and two representatives of 9th classes)
  • The Parliament’s Council is the closest cooperant of the school management and it acts in cases of quick solution of a particular situation or a problem and helps with school events arrangement.