Basic School and Kindergarten in Kladno, Ukrajinská 2447

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On these web pages, we would like to introduce our school environment and both in words and pictures to keep you thoroughly informed of everything important that happened or is going to happen.

Brief characteristics of our school:

  • Every visitor of our school notices the untraditional schoolhouse built in the French style. It consists of three interconnected pavilions, its dominant feature is a spacious hall with a rich floral and graphic decoration, used for cultural and social events many of which – such as Easter Fair or decommissioning ceremony of 9th school year pupils – have a long tradition here.
  • A special pavilion is devoted to 1st and 2nd school year pupils.
  • The schoolhouse includes two gyms.
  • After school, our pupils can spend time in six departments of school club.
  • Also, there is a rich range of hobby groups and optional and elective courses.
  • School canteen offers to choose from three tasty meals.
  • Teaching staff consists of qualified and experienced teachers.

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