Child Sponsorship

Where did it begin?

What can you learn when you travel by taxi? Just start talking and you may get knowledge of much valuable information. The topic I’ve been discussing with my pupils for more than a year already was: Who can you take care of for more than one year ? The driver said: „So adopt an animal!“ I said that kids today are interested in something more permanent. The driver said: „My relative was in India. Her name is Světlana and she often talks about her travels and also about the poverty the Indic children live in.“ I thought about that and took Světlana’s phone contact from the driver.

Days and weeks were running, discussions went on and suddenly the idea was born. We will become a sponsor of a child from India! We didn’t know where to begin, we had no idea about the child’s age as well as who to contact. Moreover, we didn’t know how much money to sponsor.

Hence we started to talk on this topic with others in the school. Our school’s attitude was very open to the idea. The pupils representing each class offered the idea in the School Parliament and in a short time, we collected enough funds we might send to the Diocesan charity in Hradec Králové.

Because we wanted to choose a reliable organization that sends the funds to the destination we asked The Indic Republic’s Embassy in Prague and they recommended just this charity institution.

So our pupils performed the sponsorship by the amount of 5 000,- CZK for the education of a small girl Anu Shilpa.

Along with Světlana and her mother, dr. Draškovičová, we arranged a meeting and discussion about India.

During this discussion, the pupils gathered enough information they later used during the Project day.

The end of the project was really festive. Even the deputies of The Indic Republic’s Embassy in Prague – Mr. Raghavan with his wife and other accompanying people – visited our school.

We would like to use this way to thank to the parents and their children for approving the voluntary child sponsorship through which our Anička gets a chance to get to the appropriate education and decent human existence.

Jana Bušniaková

Correspondence with Annu Shilpa